After thirty years, Gerard Yosca Jewelry, Inc. remains a force within the fashion industry for its creative ingenuity and strong belief in the “hand of the artist”. It is both an ability to respond to the current fashion climate, as well as a commitment to the American-made product that sets the company apart from its contemporaries.

Always on a constant quest to discover, create and design, Gerard is entirely self-taught. His propensity for using his hands began in childhood. Making arts and crafts eventually led him to Parsons School of Design, where he studied communications; however, it was not until after graduation that he found his voice in jewelry.

Since the start, Gerard and the company have remained true to its core values. All pieces are designed and made by hand in NYC’s Garment District. Models are created from scratch, carved from wax or produced directly from metal. Stones are custom-made and utilize multiple materials to generate colors and textures specifically “Yosca”.

Gerard Yosca Jewelry has built a lasting impression on fashion. Soon after its institution, the company reintroduced vibrantly colored enamel back into costume jewelry and later, was responsible for creating the first butterfly hairclip. Gerard has since gained a reputation for determining the trajectory of style.

Gerard is a long-standing member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. He sat on the Board of Directors for twelve years, served on the scholarship committee and was nominated for Accessory Designer of the Year in 2005. His collections are consistently trendsetting yet have the longevity to become seasonless.